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The Big Picture.

Our purposeful play philosophy is integrated into all of our classes. All of the classes receive a Monday morning chapel lesson, as well as weekly library, Spanish, and music classes.

Class sizes are kept relatively small to ensure lots of one on one time with teachers.  All of our teachers continue to receive training in Conscious Discipline and use it as their primary classroom management program.


Each class has no more than 14 children in attendance on any given day, and each class is assigned a teacher and teacher’s assistant. This 14:2 ratio exceeds the state’s requirements for student/teacher ratio. All of our teachers have received training in Conscious Discipline™ and use it as their primary classroom management program.


Sea Turtles

For many children, two is the age at which they begin their preschool experience. 

By providing them a safe, loving environment in which to explore, they build their confidence and independence. Pincer-grasp activities such as: beading, using pipe cleaners, learning to zip and unzip jackets, and sorting with strawberry hullers, all help to develop the small hand and finger muscles needed for learning to write. Gross motor and fine motor activities are also a large part of your two-year-old’s day.


Early language development is fostered through a wide range of activities that capture a child’s imagination and enhance social interactions.


We do not require that children in this class be toilet trained.




The curriculum in the Starfish class is designed to be relevant to the needs of the more independent child. Children of this age have moved beyond parallel play and truly interact with one another. This is the age when you see real friendships develop!


Through such fun-filled activities as simple science experiments, mixing and baking a yummy treat, exploring nature, and conversations during daily circle time, the teachers focus on lots of opportunity for exploration. The teachers also continue to focus on developing both large and fine motor skills through learning to use safety scissors, painting, and lots of movement through song and dance.


Although most children have been exposed to colors, shapes, and letters prior to coming to the Starfish class, this is the time real connections are formed.



Children in this class are showing a growing interest in letters and numerals. In this class, the focus shifts into not just knowing their ABCs but beginning to write them!


The children get daily one on one attention from their teachers to develop these beginning writing skills. Silly songs, naming things that start with the letter of the week, more in-depth explorations in science and math activities, and cooperative play are the foundation of this class.


 Sea Otters (Junior Kindergarten)

Through a method of teaching called the Project Approach, the children in this class are provided lots of opportunities to learn with a purpose.


With their teacher’s guidance, they choose to study topics that interest them while incorporating Virginia’s Kindergarten Standards of Learning. The classroom is immersed in literacy. The children participate in daily reading and writing activities as well as author studies. Math and science are also a part of their daily project work.


 Dolphins (Kindergarten Enrichment & Kindergarten)

Because kindergarten is currently a half-day program in our public school system, we offer parents the opportunity to give their child the benefits of a full-day class. The children who attend this program have the option of being picked up by the John B. Dey Elementary School bus for afternoon classes or to remain at the Day School. The only criterion for being picked up from our school is that they must reside in John B. Dey’s zone. Students who reside outside of the John B. Dey zone can remain at All Saints' for the full morning. 



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