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Professional Development

Our Staff Trainings Have Included:


Lynnhaven River NOW Pearl School Application
With Dianne Islev-Petersen

Our director led an after-school meeting during which we reviewed  our evidence for Pearl School Application, discerned the gaps, and made plans to close them.



Lynnhaven River NOW Pearl School Requirements

With Jody Ullmann

Jody Ullman, from Lynnhaven River Now met with the staff to define the criteria for application to the project for Pearl School Status.  She helped us brainstorm ways in which a small preschool could address criteria designed for a larger, older population of students.



“Philosophy, Vision, Mission, and Goals”

With Dr. Caryl S. Felty

The staff and two parent representatives met after school for over three hours to review and refine the Philosophy, Vision, Mission, and Goals for All Saints’ Day School.  This process re-visited is part of our new alliance with VBGrowSmart™ through the Early Education Small Business Program for which ASDS has been approved.



“Student Assessments and Conferencing”

With Dianne Islev-Petersen

Facilitated by Director, Dianne Islev-Petersen, the staff refined their existing student assessment checklists; ensuring their developmental appropriateness and reviewing their content.  Training on conducting parent conferences based on the assessments followed.



"Building Resilience in Children and Teens"

With Dr. Kenneth Ginsberg

“If we rob them of their resilience [the capacity to rise above difficult circumstances, the trait that allows us to exist in this less-than-perfect world while moving forward with optimism and confidence] or undercut their abilities by doing too much, solving all their dilemmas for them or overprotecting them, we actually send them a damaging message – ‘I don’t believe you’re capable’”.  This in-service was presented by ASDS teacher Kristyn Brown-Moore.



Fall 2014      

“Creating Safe Churches for Children”

With Diocese of Southern Virginia       

Online triennial re-certification in Adult, Child and Employee Risk Management Training



CPR/First Aid Re-Certification     

A certification course for dealing with infants’ and young children’s issues related to choking and situations calling for CPR.



"Conscious Discipline© Meets Mindset"

With Robin Kitsis, M.A.Ed.    

Session V – The latest book being touted in school divisions and graduate school programs of all types across the nation is Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. out of Stanford University.   Robin took the principles of Dr. Dweck’s book and drew parallels to what we have learned in our Conscious Discipline© sessions.  In an oversimplified nutshell, if we reinforce effort instead of outcomes (which may or may not have involved real effort) the one receiving the feedback is less likely to feel judged like those with a Fixed Mindset and more likely to ascribe to the Growth Mindset that leads a healthy self-concept, a “can-do” attitude, and lifelong learning through continuous growth.



“Our Amazing Little Martians and Venusians”

With Caryl Felty, Ed.D.         

An introduction to the differences in the male and female brains and the impact of these differences on teaching, learning, socialization, thinking, perception, and processing.  The session is based on the work of Louann Brizendine,M.D. primarily as reflected in her seminal books: The Male Brain and The Female Brain.



Conscious Discipline©

with Robin Kitsis, M.A.Ed.       

Session IV


Fall 2013      

“Creating Safe Churches for Children"
With Diocese of Southern Virginia        

Online triennial re-certification in Adult, Child and Employee Risk Management Training



Conscious Discipline©

With Robin Kitsis, M.A.Ed.       

Session III – The Seven Discipline Skills, our vehicle for healthy relationships and consciously disciplining ourselves and others.

Composure – No one can make me angry without my permission.

Encouragement – We’re all in this together

Assertiveness – What you focus on you get more of

Positive Intent – Seeing the best in others

Empathy – The moment is as it is

Choices – The only person I can make change is me

Consequences – Mistakes are opportunities to learn




Conscious Discipline©

With Robin Kitsis, M.A.Ed.       

Session II – “Becoming Brain Smart” – Understanding the functions of three major areas of the brain (prefrontal lobe, limbic system, and brain stem) and their roles in human behavior.  The session addressed:        

1.       Four Brain Smart® principles that foster permanent changes in behavior

2.       A simplified brain model that helps one stop the “Do as I say, not as I do” syndrome

3.       An understanding the relationship between brain function and behavior

4.       Accessing one’s own wisdom so one can respond instead of react to events; thereby fostering healthy relationships



Conscious Discipline©

With Robin Kitsis, M.A.Ed.       

Session I - An introduction to Beck Bailey’s Conscious Discipline© as a foundation for understanding and addressing the needs of children, as well as adults, in social settings. Conscious Discipline is an emotional intelligence program consisting of Brain Smart strategies for responding rather than reacting to life events.  Through responding we are able to turn conflict into cooperative teaching opportunities.       

•         Threat and stress in the learning environment are the greatest contributors to impaired academic achievement (Jensen, 1998).

•         Safety is the prerequisite for learning

•         The teacher is the safe-keeper

•         Routines create:     

•         Patterns - The brain is a pattern-seeking device

•         and clear patterns create an enriching    environment for the brain

•         Predictability-Predictability and consistency establish safety

•         Safety  - Connections on the outside create connections on the inside


Fall 2012      

“Creating Safe Churches for Children"

With Diocese of Southern Virginia

Online triennial re-certification in Adult, Child and Employee Risk Management Training



Child and Infant CPR

With Karen Barnes, Norfolk Firefighter and Paramedic     

A certification course for dealing with infants’ and young children’s issues related to choking and situations calling for CPR.


Spring 2012

Virginia Association for the Education of Young Children (VAEYC) Conference

Attended by teachers Tonya, Teresa, Trisha, and Anne. Information gleaned from attending the following sessions was shared with the remaining teachers at their staff meetings:

1-    Katherine Kersey - “101 Principles for Positive Guidance of Young Children”

2-    Gibb’s Consulting – “Fine Motor Skills…Write out of the Box”

3-    STARS Educational Consulting Group – “Visual Strategies for Language and Social Skills Development”

4-    Stacy Park – “Time Out is Not Working”


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